Give your vehicle a premium look with comfort sets.

Graficar - About Us

CEO Engin Yıldız

Graficar - About Us

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Our products are sent to Türkiye and all over the world.


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We are working to increase the number of compatible vehicle models and for more happy customers.


About Graficar

Our self-adhesive velvet/fabric sets, cut by laser according to the exact patterns according to the vehicle model, are sent to all parts of Turkey and the World, together with the application video, detailed visual instructions and instructions.

Our vehicle-specific coating set initiative, which we named the "Comfort Set", which we introduced in 2016, was welcomed by many vehicle owners.
As a result, with the establishment of the "Graficar" Brand in the same year, we started to design, produce and offer vehicle-specific coating products, which we call the "Comfort Set", which is the first and only patented in Turkey, to you, our esteemed vehicle owners.

We are working to increase the number of our vehicle models and for more happy customers in our main product, Comfort Sets, which we produce by taking into account the sensitivity of our customers, who care about even the slightest click in the vehicle.

In addition, we serve our customers with our vehicle-specific "Stop Frame", general and vehicle-specific sticker foil, design and cutting activities, which are produced only by us.

What is Comfort Set?

Our first and only "Comfort Sets" in Turkey is a product that is covered with hard plastic and allows you to easily cover the storage compartments and door pockets with velvet/fabric.

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